The KiddoID System

Written By: Public Relations Dept.

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Protecting our most important asset.  KiddoID™ is an identification system, for protecting children across America and around the world.

The software, and simple step-by-step process, produces a specially designed identity card, featuring both built-in electronic data, and physical forensic systems, to protect our precious children from danger.

The software is also an interactive database, tracking all KiddoID™ cards it produces.  Allowing for instant, positive identification of the child, and authorized guardians. It also produces ID stickers for books, iron-on IDs for marking children’s clothing, bags, etc.  Plus, cool baggage and equipment tags.  Think, routing baggage or musical instruments for a field trip or out of town concert.

You can also protect lunch boxes, totes, jackets, and bags on daily bus rides, with QR Codes, RFID or Barcodes.  For example, a bus driver can instantly identify that extra backpack with his smartphone scan of the QR Code, etc.  see: “How it works


Quick, easy to use, inexpensive to operate
web based, and works with all smart phones

Designed for day care centers, schools and school buses, the software is free, and can easily service any group or individual interested in child protection.

It can also be used by any parent, to produce valuable identification documents for their children.

Widely useful, including child recovery in case of kidnapping, in emergencies for proper identification, and contacting authorized guardians quickly.

Will be available as a “Web-based” software, so it will work with any Microsoft Windows based, Apple computer system, of Linux Based computer, with an Internet connection.  There will also be FREE APPs for iPhone and Android phones, actually the best and cheapest way to use the software is with our phone APPs.