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KiddoID Child Safety System
to be Crowd Funded at

Tempe, Arizona, USA. May 14, 2012:
MystroRCI, a Riden Consulting, Inc., joint venture company, has announced the plans to fund completion of their extremely innovative and much anticipated project, KiddoID Child Safety System, through crowd sourcing.

MystroRCI listed the KiddoID project at one of the leading crowd funding websites, with an aim to involve the various stakeholders, which include but are not limited to schools, bus services, daycare centers, teachers and parents, in fighting the growing menace of children being lost because of being abducted from Day Care facilities, at school field trips, concert performance, being mistakenly dropped at the wrong bus stop, etc.

“Families need to be ever watchful for the safety of their children. Our free software will ensure that we have a high-tech tracking and protection system at our disposal.

It is the first ever software of this type to be made available free, and we request all parents and concerned citizens to come forward in bringing this dream alive by pledging their support to this ambitious project, and making donations at,” said Chuck Riden, the man with the idea, and the know how to make it happen.

MystroRCI aims to raise at least $75,000 through crowd funding at to finish the development of its project, which is well on its way to completion. More specifically, the funds received, will be used to:

  • Port the prototype software to PHP, for our FREE web-service;
  • Custom website to provide the web-based service, customer service, etc;
  • Development of the free web-APP for smartphones;
  • Some cookies, because the team programs through the night, on cookies;
  • More testing, on various smart phones, printers, and computers;
  • Testing supplies: paper, lamination sets, printing ink, RFID tags, etc;
  • ….more details at the project website;

“KiddoID is about protecting Kids and as such, there will be no cost to the end users to make sure this goes far and wide to protect kids,” said Mr. Rodgers, of co-developer, MystroWARE. “However, the development and deployment of a system of this scale needs huge funds, and we need all the help we can get from the stakeholders to make this project a success.”

MystroRCI has also planned to reward the donors in the form of free desktop art, ebooks and software, awesome faux limited edition Million Dollar bills featuring E’Casanova, names listed in the program startup and on the website as a sponsor, autographed t-shirts, picture and/or name of the donor on a rotating banner inside the software, and on the website, even special an invites to the grand release party in Las Vegas, Nevada, see the cool rewards at:

About KiddoID Child Safety System
KiddoID is expected to prove a highly effective identification system for protecting children across America and around the world. The concept is simple, protecting our most important asset, children. Quick, easy to use, and inexpensive to operate, this free computer software is for child care centers, schools and school buses, but can be used by any group or individual interested in child protection. The software and the process produces a specially designed identity card, featuring a built-in forensic tracing system for protecting children from danger. Se the video at:

Additionally, the software is a database for all identification it produces, which allows for positive identification of the child, and authorized guardians. This new KiddoID online service, will let parents use Smartphones to track kids at day care, on field trips, and more. The project is going to put a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) online at JingleSPOT Nexus, (see: This will be a FREE service to any school, day care, school related bus services, and even parents across America.

KiddoID is a MystroRCI project, i.e.; a joint venture software project com

Learn more about

Contact Information

Chuck Riden, Developer
Riden Consulting, Inc. / MystroRCI
621 Geneva Drive
Tempe, AZ 85282-3734


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Kiddo ID – A Software Project – 2012 Protecting the world´s most valuable assets, our children. So kids around the world will be a bit safer.

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